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Rib Fracture Fixation

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Rib Fracture Fixation (Flail chest): Flail chest is an injury that occurs typically following a blunt trauma to the chest. 

When three or more ribs in a row have multiple fractures within each rib, it can cause a part of your chest wall to become separated and out of sync from the rest of your chest wall. It’s considered an emergency, as there could be a severe associated lung injury, and it’s imperative that you’re treated immediately.

It’s rare for this to occur as a consequence of chest trauma, but when it does happen, flail chest can severely affect your ability to breathe and cause you considerable health concerns.


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Orhan Yucel

Orhan Yücel is an associate professor of thoracic surgery. He is the first surgeon to perform many operations for the first time in the institutions he worked before. His work has provided scientific contributions to the institutions he worked in.