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What is a lobectomy?

A lobectomy is the surgical removal of a lobe of an organ. It most often refers to the removal of a section of the lung, but it can also refer the liver, brain, thyroid gland, or other organs.Every organ is made up of many sections that perform different, specific tasks. In the case of the lungs, the sections are called lobes. The right lung has three lobes, which are the upper, middle, and lower lobes. The left lung has two lobes, the upper and lower lobes.In most cases, surgeons perform a lobectomy to remove a cancerous portion of an organ and to prevent the cancer from spreading. This may not entirely get rid of the disease, but it can eliminate the primary source of it. A lobectomy is the most common way to treat lung cancer.Surgeons may also perform lobectomies to treat:Fungal infections; Benign tumors; Emphysema; Lung abscesses; Tuberculosis

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Orhan Yucel

Orhan Yücel is an associate professor of thoracic surgery. He is the first surgeon to perform many operations for the first time in the institutions he worked before. His work has provided scientific contributions to the institutions he worked in.


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