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A mediastinoscopy with biopsy is a minor surgical procedure that gathers samples of lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are clusters of cells that play a key role in fighting off viruses and bacteria in your body. A surgeon takes the tissue sample from your chest. A surgeon inserts a small instrument with a light—called a mediastinoscope—through an incision in your throat. They run it under your sternumN (breastplate) and move it into the area between your lungs. You’ll be under general anesthetic during the biopsy.The test looks for any abnormalities and takes one or more small tissue samples, called biopsies. Lab technicians examine and assess the biopsies in a lab. This test commonly checks for cancer.

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Orhan Yucel

Orhan Yücel is an associate professor of thoracic surgery. He is the first surgeon to perform many operations for the first time in the institutions he worked before. His work has provided scientific contributions to the institutions he worked in.